Thursday, April 19, 2012

What is Enrac CMT?

Monday, April 16, 2012

ENRAC CMT treated backache

   Backache is a common complaint. Many patient seek all kinds of treatment and yet only able to stop the pain temporarily. It is difficult to stay well longer from aching. ENRAC CMT is very effective in treating backache. Many patients can stay healthy without recurrence of

Medicine Shoppe within human body

   Normally we will go to hospitals or pharmacies to seek treatment when we got headache or fever. Actually human body has enormous self-healing potential, it can keep a lot of diseases at bay even without any other assistance.

Treatment of Frozen Shoulder without medication

   A patient who complained of frozen shoulder for many years came to seek my treatment. He has sought many treatments but it doesn’t get well. Last year he took Chinese medicine for a year and it does not improve either. I asked the patient if the physician taught him to do some


 A 45-year old woman complained of difficulty in activity due to backache. She could hardly sit on chairs and sleep well. She will wake up in midnight due to pain with movement. She looked depressed. She said that she had sought many treatments and had done various examinations, X ray, and they all showed nothing abnormal. She had taken many pain killers, acupuncture and massage, yet the backache still persist.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Application of collaterals

  I have been looking for any natural treatment regimen, which are non-poisonous to help treat diseases. As long as the acupressure points are applied properly, the diseases will normally get cured without the need of medications. This is being recognized by world health organizations.

ENRAC CMT towards autonomic instability

   Recently a lot of friends enquired about effectiveness of ENRAC CMT for autonomic instability, and how long does the treatment take. Before we see the patient, it is hard to give a satisfactory answer. Because

What to do with spurs?

  From my clinical experience, many patients complained of spurs growth at the spinal bone which cause them to have frequent backache. It does not improve with any other treatment. Majority of patients only have backache and no other symptoms.

Imbalance of Yin and Yang: the cause of all diseases

  Life is a condition of internal well-being. This is predictive by the balance of yin and yang. Yin and Yang is like the two dice on a scale. When the weight of both dice is of the same order, the scale will be in balance. When the yin and yang is out of order, the scale will be out of balance and human will fall sick. So, if we want to stay healthy for long time, we have to maintain the balance of

Doctors and Diseases

   Nowadays many diseases exist due to improper intake of medications. Ancient folks called medicines as “poison”. Shen Nong tested hundreds of herbs and classified five grains. Five grains can be taken frequently. Other seasonal fruits and vegetables have properties which can regulate

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Caution for those who like to take pain-killers

   The pain killers available in the market now will affect liver, kidneys and heart. When the liver, heart and kidneys are affected, one will have constipation and sleepless. Later on, one will complain of hair fall, decreased vision, fatigue and

Chinese medicine vs Western medicine

  Ancient Chinese medicine refers to yin and yang and its co-ordination to discuss about diseases. It reminisces human body as a small universe to describe the huge universe. It tries to make people feel the relationship between human and nature, body and soul. This is not the common
meaning of medicine, but ‘tao’.

ENRAC CMT absolutely worth a personal testimony

  ENRAC CMT, originated from Japan, has developed in Malaysia since two years ago. In the beginning, when using ENRAC CMT to treat patients, suspicion is always being raised if pressing with two sticks can really help treatment? Those who have not undergone ENRAC CMT are still doubtful. After two years of hard work, ENRAC CMT has been strongly recognized by many patients who have testified it.

   ENRAC CMT range of treatment has developed from pain complaint to various internal diseases,like sympathetic nerve disorder, irregular menses, hypersensitivity, diabetes, decreased kidney function, vertigo, menopausal symptoms, even include health maintenance, prevent stroke,other diseases are being treated in my clinic.

Whenever patients ask me what diseases can be treated by ENRAC CMT?

   My answer will be as long as I am given time and opportunity, any diseases can be improved; when you believe in ENRAC CMT, you will receive satisfied treatment effect.

The main feature of ENRAC CMT

   Those who have undergone ENRAC CMT will know that it does no injection, no medicines, no touching of the part in pain. Besides these three features, what does ENRAC CMT hold that worth long term treatment?

   From my clinical experience using ENRAC CMT, I feel that the main feature is that it can help to resolve all the problems of a patient with one single treatment, and not only treat the problem which the patient hopes to treat only.

   For example, I have many patients with neck and shoulder pain. After treatment, the pain is resolved, their sleep pattern and constipation is improved together with chest discomfort and arrhythmia. Besides that patients with sciatic nerve problem also have their blood pressure and diabetes condition improved after treatment.Those who came to see me for stomach distension also have their long-term backache and headache resolved.

   In fact all the diseases are related. Current treatment regimen divides diseases into different specialty, so each patient need to see few specialties for treatment. Every specialty only takes care of own divisions of treatment. Rarely physicians will consider the basis of disease occurrence.When the disease becomes complicated, treatment will become more difficult.

   ENRAC CMT is different in the way that we find out the basis of all diseases, the crucial cause of disease and treat the origin of disease. Hence it can help resolve all the patients' problem.Therefore I said the main feature of ENRAC CMT is helping patients to find the origin of disease and help patients to resolve all the problems.

ENRAC CMT increases function of immune system

   A lot of patients come to seek my ENRAC CMT treatment, not due to pain or soreness but due to frequent flu and sickness and their condition not getting better after taking medicines.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

For the patient to relieve pain

ENRAC CMT Pain Specialist
 for the patient to relieve pain
We are the first "ENRAC CMT" clinic in Malaysia,
"ENRAC CMT" is the most rapid treatment for pain problems,
Guarantee without taking any medication.

Where localized pain problems can be effective immediately , and central cause pain problem can be improved after a course of treatment.
Any intractable pain problems,
Welcome to experience "ENRAC CMT" magical effect

Lot 1.60,1st Floor,Wisma Cosway,
Jalan Raja Chulan 50200 Kuala Lumpur

What is Enrac CMT?

What is Enrac CMT?

Enrac Collateral Meridian Therapy (Enrac CMT), is a non-invasive acupressure technique developed by Dr. Shan-Chi Ko of Japan. Dr. Ko has formulated a mathematic model of 108 acupoints that, when properly manipulated, can relieve various symptoms.

A bit different from traditional Chinese Medicine, Enrac CMT pathology is the derivative from the combination of Western medical pathology and I-Ching and Yin Yang five phases theory while traditional acupuncture utilizes needles inserted into a single acupoint along affected meridian to relieve pain, Enrac CMT manipulates two pressure points on a collateral meridian to bypass obstructions and restore body's vital flow.

Enrac CMT defines vital flow as the elements, such as neurons, electrons, air, blood, lymph, and other bodily fluids, that regulate the flow of bodily energy through multiple conduits. Obstructions to vital flow can be measured with a neurometer.

The removal of obstructions and the restoration of vital flow not only relieves pain, but also assists in correcting abnormalities within the internal organs affected by the obstructions.

Enrac CMT technique uses No needles,No medicine ,No injection ,No side effects and it is very effective in pain management and other degenerative symptoms such as :

Neck pain   Shoulder pain    Back pain   Headaches 
Cluster Headache   Migraine    Elbow pain     Wrist pain
Ankle pain    Fingers pain    Hip pain    Knee pain 
Heel pain    Hand Numbness   Foot Numbness  Facial pain
Sciatic pain    Postoperative pain   Autonomic Imbalance
Allergic Rhinitis     Chronic fatigue   Stomach pain
Poor Circulation     Menstrual cramps  Sequelae of stroke   
Fibromyalgia,  Trigeminal Neuralgia ........Etc

What is intractable pain?

What is intractable pain?

Tried various methods,like Orthopedics, Pain Management, rehabilitation, chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, qigong, but can not eliminate the pain,Still subject to suffering the pain day and night,relying reluctantly to live,
this is really the intractable pain.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Enrac CMT wake up your body gradually forgotten instinct

    A healthy body will not have any pain, every healthy person, they should have the ability to adjust their body functions, so a person's body in troubles, in fact, in most cases the body will be self-adjustment back to health, do not need any treatment by drugs.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Inspiration from granny

Inspiration from granny
I met Granny in April of last two years when she came to the clinic for upper left abdominal pain and constipation, later a diagnosis of gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer was made, after one month on medication, she underwent gastroscopy and the result showed that she recovered completely.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Getting Rid of Snake---PHN

Enrac CMT is the only treatment method that can relieve herpes zoster without any medication or injections, most importantly; it can also relieve the severe pain right away.-----

The treatment of Severe refractory dysmenorrhea

Since I have the opportunity to treat many pain patients including ligament sprain work-related injuries, rheumatoid arthritis,dysmenorrhea etc, some patients who had their pain relieved immediately and some patients require further treatments. Among all patients,the experience of treating one of my friend's dysmenorrhea symptoms has left a deep impression on me.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

40 years VS- 4 weeks

The patient's chief complaints were her left waist. lower limbs pain and lower leg edema,the patient hoped for more thorough clinical evaluations. The patient had a history of high blood pressure with the use of low dose of thiazidediuretic; her

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Rubik's Cube

What, after all, is the "original point of medical therapy"? I was finally able to realize that the medical purpose of "Collateral Meridian Therapy" is to actually help the human body restore its normal functions, I am no longer wondering about whether i should treat the actual person or just his/her organs----------
Case report by:Chung-Chang Huang, M.D

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Helping Young women to curb Constipation Symptoms

Constipation is a complaint that affects many women for many reasons,many females get constipated because of their desire to get fit or lose weight, the treatment time is 20 minutes, all patients had positive responses about Enrac CMT afterward.

Saturday, July 9, 2011


 The patient is our pastor stationed in Japan,he told me he had 
been suffered psoriasis for over 20 years, he had seen all the 
well-known doctors throughout Japan and Taiwan,he had heard about

Can premature aging be treated?

Mr. Chang, 48 year-old, he noticed signs of' premature aging years ago, the patient
had felt tired and weary for years, how tired and weary? he described to me if 
there were money on the ground right in front of him, he would not have the 

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tennis elbow's nemesis--Enrac CMT

  Tennis elbow is nothing new for the rehabilitation division, and the orthopedic  
outpatient clinic, the most important part ofthe treatment is to rest the injured tendon 
 and elbow, the patients are required to rest their elbow joint during the treatment,

The therapeutic effect Of Enrac CMT after the operation of paralysis

What happened in late November completely changed my outlook about life.
My father had always been healthy and in excellent shape, his blood pressure was 
slightly higher, but with regular intake of the medication, his blood pressure was

Enrac CMT made massive ascites completely vanished An amazing tratment method and a sweet responsibility

The patient is a friend of my mother, she is 78 ear-old, 10 plus years ago the  
patient suffered from fallopian tube cancer and cirrhosis from hepatitis C, her 
condition improved after she underwent surgery,chemotherapy and intra-

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Lost and Found

After received chemotherapy for ovarian cancer, the patient developed severe 
stinging pain and numbness in her palms and on the bottom of her feet, the patient was
coming in and out of the emergency room because of her intractable pain"'
After received Enrac CMT, the result was obvious:right after i finished treating the 
last pressure point, I heard a much more upbeat and cheerful tone from the patient". 
---Case Report:Tung-Hsiang Chang, M.D

Parkinson's disease

My father's right hand began to shake about 3 years ago , and then his left hand 
started to shake about 2 years ago, he was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease by 
neurologist, the neurologist informed me about the stiffness and rigidity involving

The Therapeutic Effect of Enrac CMT on Panic Disorder

The main cause for the patient's panic disorder is Atlas blockage caused the vital 
flow stagnation between the hypothalamus and the limbic striatum.--
Panie disorder remains a common,debilitating condition. accounting for frequent 

Monday, July 4, 2011

Multiple Cranial Nerve Paralysis

Mr. 73 year-old, he was diagnosed with diabetes 3 years ago, his condition was 
effectively controlled by medications;the patient came to our hospital on Feb 6th 
of 2008, he was diagnosed with temporomandibular joint disorder, his condition 

Severe Headaches

The patient, a forty-four year old female, had suffered severe headaches
 for more than ten years. 
According to the patient, she lost consciousness for ten days due to a head

Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Enigmatic Bodily Pain

The patient is a 52 year-old female, she suffered left chest injury at the junction of 
her right second rib and sternum when she was 27 year old. Epidural anesthesia ..

Friday, July 1, 2011

Non-invasive Treatment for Heel Pain Syndromes

Heel pain is a common problem for many people, It is a very painful condition,and it 
significantly limits one's physical activity,and Enrac CMT is the most efficient and 
 non-invasive treatment for heel pain.--Tai-Sheng Tan, M.D......

Saturday, June 25, 2011

An effective malignant brain tumor postoperative treatment Enrac CMT

 The patient was a 55 year-old female,her chief complaint was numbness in Iegs 
after brain tumor operation, the patient experienced sharp pain in feet when her  
feet touch the floor after waking up in the morning, she also experienced weakness 
in left arm and both legs, severe pain in knees(AX I , AXII ), and cramping; 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Case Of Hemiplegia Caused by cerebral hemorrhage

Applying Enrac CMT along with muscle rehabilitation training during the acute phase 
of stroke should obtain maximum therapeutic effect from the treatment.----
Chung-Hsien Wu, M.D

Monday, June 20, 2011

Enrac CMT helps her out of melancholia

Mrs. Zhuang is one of' my most memorable patient in my career as a doctor, she is 
also one of the reason my relentless learning of Enrac CMT.---Dr.CHIN CHIANG CHI
 I met Mrs.Zhuang 10 plus years ago, we had not seen each others in years......

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Long Way to the Promised Land Reflections on My Enrac CMT Learning Experience

I want to thank God for the chance that he gave me to get in touch
with Enrac KoMedicine. Because of his encouragement, I have been 
able to treat myself and many other patients. --Yu-Hsiung Wu.M.D.

How Pregnant Women Can Cope with Sciatica without Drugs

About 50-70% of pregnant women will suffer from lower back pain during their 
pregnancy. Pain due to the sciatica nerve becomes worse during pregnancy, The pain 
gets worse because of the position of the baby which rests on the abdomen and the 
lower back of the mother's uterus, The main problem with the sciatica nerve during 
pregnancy is the pain normally begins at 

Treating Cervical Traction Related Post-Procedural Pain With Enrac CMT

The patient was a 56 year-oid professional military man, who has a habit of jogging.
He had started to be bothered by a shoulder and neck pain one month prior to his 
visit to the clinic---Shun-Te Wang, M.D.and Hsien-Chung Wang, M.D..

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

I felt great after just the treatment;the medical inquiry wasIike talking to a confident .
After three months of being treated with Enrac CMT,my left leg has vastly

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Treating Cervical Cord Compression with Enrac CMT

Enrac CMT is extremely effective in treatment of the early symptoms of
cervical core compression. Numbness in the fingers and pain or heaviness
in arms can be relieved in l-3 treatments.----Shian-Kang Jou, M.D

Monday, June 13, 2011

My Encounter with CRPS An Agony of Mind and Body

Doctor and patient brought together by fate
As I recall Margaret had notable improvement during our very first treatment session,she is also my first CRPS patient after the learning of Enrac CMT. I thank god for such arrangement...

Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Long Journey to Find the Treatment for Pain-----CRPS

I constantly searched the net trying to find some form of treatment which would
address the pain. I came across the Enrac website and realized immediately after
reading a testimonial written by someone who had been successfully treated, that 
Dr. Ko and those at Enrac really understood CRPS and

Friday, June 10, 2011

What is Enrac Collateral Meridian Therapy?

Collateral Meridian Therapy (CMT), also known as Ko Medicine, is a non-invasive 
acupressure technique developed by.....